preventing a website from seeing adblocker.


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Hello, how are you all? Hope this post find you all healthy and well! My question is. I currently go to this website to tell me what can be seen about my browser currently, for security purposes. I have thus far been able to make so this site can't anything correctly about my browser, except that my screen resolution, and the fact that I am using an adblocker. I have anti-adblock killer continued extension and list installed on adguard, and the extensions "AdsFight!" and Ads Skipper", yet somehow this site can still see that i have an adblocker on. I even have stealth mode enabled on adguard, a vpn running, and malwarebytes anti-exploit going in addition to trend-micro maximum security. Any ideas on how I can prevent this site from seeing there is an adblocker and or my screen resolution? Thanks in advance, and take care!