Private DNS cannot be accessed


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Hi support

Since today about 11am, i have been unable to use my wifi on my phone, if im connected on

I use AdGuard DNS via settings -> WiFi & network -> private DNS -> private DNS provider hostname, and setting that hostname to

It means I often switch back to private DNS -> automatic, but in practice that seems to work the same as private DNS -> off

So my internet works if i switch the private DNS off but doesnt work if its using

Does anyone know if anything has changed with this? As i have used it for years now, and only giving issues now on 05/01/2023

Feedback would be much appreciated


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More info:

When using mobile data (on both sim cards, telkom and Cell C), it is exactly the same situation, which rules out my ISP.

If i use the adguard dns on mobile data, it blocks all internet access


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Thanks man, i did try that one yesterday and gave me the same issue, however. i did go back and check now, and seems to be working just fine on now. Not sure what happened yesterday, maybe there was an NLD outage that affected my connection in SA to the DNS Server, but all good now.