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Not sure what to classify this - anyways just wanted to pass the information to the developers probably look into it, if needed.

I changed my computer date earlier during the day and forgot to change it back because I was going to perform a fresh Windows install later on. I installed Windows again (still showing the incorrect date during installation which was weird). I was with the intention of changing it once I installed all drivers (wifi included) and sync it with the global Internet clock, but before I did, one of the few programs I installed was Adguard.

After setting the correct date, upon using both IE and Chrome, I got the "The server's security certificate is not yet valid! ........................." message. and very few sites worked. After multiple trial and error, I narrowed the problem down to Adguard. I assume the program>plugins was in some way embedded with the date I used during installation and even after setting the correct date, it did not rectify itself. I solved the problem by uninstalling and installing Adguard.
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The problem is that Adguard generates SSL certificate for HTTPS filtering with issue date equal to current timestamp (and it was wrong in your case).

Thank you for reporting this bug! We'll fix it in future version.