Problem whit incoming calls


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I have the problem that sometimes if someone calls me, he or she get the message that my phone is off. But my phone is on. That is on my OnsPlus 8 Pro whit android 11, but was also happening on Android 10.

I found the solution of the problem after my friend that has a iPhone, that had the problem that his wife couldn't call him. After deleting adguard everything was OK again. Any idea how to fix this?

On Android it is not happening much, but some phone calls are very important, so for now I have deleted adguard, but now all the ads. Ppfff..


Well, we don't influence on mobile network calling only if it's not using some internet connection. Anyway, try to reset AdGuard: phone Settings → Apps → AdGuard → Storage → Clear data. After that set it up and select the comfortable protection and don't do anything in setting after that. Make a few calls and try to reproduce the issue.


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I always selected high protection, but i will no use the comfortable as you mention. Just one question. If i have the same problem again and they cant call my, is this than visible in the log of adguard?

The problem exist sometimes in a few months.