Problem with AdGuard on my office wifi Network only


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When I use AdGuard on my personnal wifi network (Freebox) and on another WIFI (Livebox) the application blocks the advertising as expected, but when I'm at my office on a Hotspot Wifi network, with the same AdGuard configuration as my personal network, AdGuard blocks almost everything.

For example if I run Google News ("Google Actualité" don't know the exact name in English sorry) at Home's wifi it works perfectly to block the Ads, but at my office's Hotspot Google News is not able to load anything so I have to disable AdGuard for this to work and I "eat" a lot of Ads.

Is there any way to make it work properly at my office's hotspot too ?

Thanks per advance for your help :)

I am on Android 10 on a Xiaomi Mi 9T. I had the same problem on android 9...
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Hello there!
Try to the switch-on System DNS server in DNS settings.
Any changes on the Office network?


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Thanks for your answer Chinaski, the DNS Server is already switched on, I use the "AdGuard DNS / adguard_dns_description" lists.
At the hotspot of my office when I connect my phone to the Wifi I have to enter a login and a password into a web page every week to be allowed to use the Internet.
When I connect at home I enter directly in the Wifi "network" my connection parameter (WPA key) only once.


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I have the same problem at my mother's house since she subscribed to the optical fiber of Orange operator (previously in ADSL no problem)... Still no problem in ADSL with Free operator at my home.