Problem with CNN videos and AG with Chrome


Hello, David!

I've tested CNN videos with Google Chrome and Adguard for Windows and it works well for me.

Could you please provide the list of filters you enabled?


David M

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1. User filter (empty)
2. English Filter
3. Spyware Filter
4. Social media filter
5. Filter unblocking useful ads
6. Japanese filter
7. Dutch filter
8. EasyList China

In filter apps section, all apps are checked, which I believe default option.

David M

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Thanks... please see below. The google chrome screen seems fixed and frozen and remains that way for ever (I stopped waiting after 10+minutes). The MS Edge screen shows the normal and expected video and its playback controls.

Google Chrome Screen.jpg
MS Edge Screen.jpg


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@David M I'm very sorry for enormous delay!

Let's stick to this list of filters turned on (English Filter, Spyware Filter, Social media filter, Annoyances filter) and please check problem page in incognito mode in chrome. Also what chrome version do you use?

David M

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Did as asked. No dice! Still can't play CNN videos even in incognito mode in chrome. Using latest chrome version 59.0.3071.115 (Official Build) (64-bit).


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Is it working fine when you uninstall any adblock software?

David M

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@David M is there Adguard Assistant on the page?

Will video play if you turn all filters off?
Yes, Adguard symbol shows on the page, if that's what you mean by assistant. Disabled Adguard service, Chrome web plugin and all filters and filtering in Adguard settings panel. No dice, still can't play these videos in chrome.

Maybe the problem is not with Adguard after all, since videos play fine using MS Edge with Adguard running.

Is there ANYONE running AG just fine in using the latest google chrome browser with its chrome plug-in and windows service both running on Windows 10 AND can play these videos at ?
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