Problem with Discovery plus after update

Boo Berry

Moderator + Beta Tester
I had a similar issue using DNS filtering via AG Home, which I was able to workaround by whitelisting several things. Can't recall which rules it was, I'll have to look later.

Something you can try is disabling DNS filtering and any enabled DNS filter lists and see if it starts to work. If it doesn't work or you weren't using DNS filtering to begin with you can try 1) disabling stealth mode options if they're enabled and re-testing and/or 2) disable normal ad blocking filter lists one-by-one and re-testing each time to see if you can narrow down which filter is causing it.


New Member
Reported. Tried both disabling stealth and removing filters one by one. Doesn't work. I can get it to work on brave with Adguard enabled by turning off and on the built in AdBlock a few times.