Problem with silent disconnecting with Adguard VPN


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I have Xiaomi Poco X3 NFC and use Adguard for years without problem
Now decide to purchase VPN subscription to have all in one (adblock+VPN)
Few days of free testing was well and I pay subscription.
After that I notice silent disconnecting, VPN connection to server is connected (Austria and Germany server is closest and low ping) and surfing and normal use is OK, not noticed anything but, when use video call, video call disconnect after few minutes. After few disconnects, started to monitor Adguard VPN. Always is connected but seems sometimes connection drop without disconnecting from server (tried many servers but always is same). When i manually stop connection, no problems at all, no breaking video calls. Also notice similar problem in games which use online connection with other players, chats rooms became offline for 5-10 seconds and come online (and again Adguard VPN is connected to server whole time) an repeat constantly.

I'm badly disappointed and I think I threw money away for nothing on a service that doesn't work properly.

If matter phone info:
Xiaomi Poco X3 NFC
Android 11 RKQ1.200825.002
MIUI Global 12.5.2 Stable