Problems with Adguard Mac.


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I use AdGuard and AdGuard VPN on my Mac and have problems with both.

1. AdGuard for Mac

If I specify "Network Extension" in the "Automatic Proxy Mode" in the automatic filtering settings to applications, I am always asked for additional permissions by the OS when I start my Mac. I work around this setting by selecting "Auto Proxy". Why does "network extension" require authentication every time?

2. AdGuard VPN for Mac

If I have AdGuard VPN set to auto-launch when my Mac starts, my Mac will not be able to communicate externally. The home/internal network seems to be able to. I manually start the VPN after some time has passed since I booted up my Mac. Is there a way to make the VPN work as soon as the Mac boots up, preventing the network from being disconnected to the outside world?
It is difficult to launch AdGuard VPN when this problem occurs. When I launch AdGuard VPN, I see only the AdGuard VPN logo in a black panel and then no change.
When this network disconnection occurs, changing the DNS to something other than in the macOS network settings will resolve the issue.

I would like to see these glitches fixed.

macOS 12.2, AdGuard( release (CL-1.8.276, DNS-1.6.72)), AdGuard VPN