Problems with Edge Beta and AdGuard Browser-plugin


New Member
it seems to me, that this extentsion not work very well in edge developer.

E.g. I click on an external link in Facebook, a second tab opens, the tooltip for the plugin/icon show me "Adguard get startet", after a long time, 1 minute or much longer, the site loads.
This not happend if click on the same link the second time.

No problems if I use Adguard without the edge extension, but the Browser Assistent (the green icon in the lower right) is enabled.

I am not sure if an adguard, an windows or an edge update ist the reason for this bevavior, I notice this since 3 or 5 days.

AdGuard Browser-Assistent 1.0.13
Edge Version 87.0.644.4 (Official Build) dev (64-Bit)