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This site gives me a few problems. First of all every now and then the page will not render fully. Usually the page has just a few things on it. Scrolling down then up renders it correctly.
The rendering problem is intermittent so you might not see it right away.

Secondly, when I bring up the AG Assistant the menu will disappear in about 5 seconds. This doesn't leave me much time to do any of the functions especially to block an element. Wonder if it has anything to do with the scrolling stuff on the top of the page?

Boo Berry

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That might be a Nightly issue actually, as I saw rendering issues earlier on websites when using it (scrolling corrected the corruption) but I'll try using my other browsers to reproduce it. I can confirm the disappearing assistant after clicking on it and waiting 5 seconds though.
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It seems site.js triggering click event on 2 elements every 6 seconds.

function slide_auto(){$('#slider .right').click();$('#promotions .down').click();setTimeout(slide_auto,6000);}


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As far as the rendering issue goes, this might happen when I was able to use AGA to block the scrolling marquis on top. Currently I have it displayed and I haven't had a rendering problem yet.