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Hi, I've contacted adguard through the chrome plugin, but I don't know if it actually gets anyone to visit the issue, as there is no feedback mechanism (like "we got your issue"). I use Yahoo as a news page and when checking the picture gallery on an article, there is a problem with a semi-transparent overlay whee an ad would show, if adguard is enabled. I can't go any further in the pics as the next click brings me back to the article. Maybe if I try 3 or 5 times, I might be able to geth through the pics, maybe not. If disabled, the ad will appear within the container of the picture and I can keep moving along. This happens on any yahoo picture gallery if over the 3 or 4 where an ad would display inline. As a sample, this link:

Then click on the picture at the article and you should enter a next a few times and usually the 3rd or 4th time is an ad. Again, with adguard enabled, it becomes a complete page semi transparent overlay I can do nothing about. Hoping others can duplicate the issue.

I am using 360chrome but have tested on others (slimjet, coowon and 360Browser), all with same results. My system is W7 Pro 64bit if that matters. Nothing I try gets around, except disabling on the page, where then I have the built in ad filtering of the browser (and it works fine but doesn't catch all ads and since in Chinese, hard to see how to write rules, even translating to english!!). Hoping it can be resolved, as Adguard works really well overall. Thanks


If I check the changelog of the extension, it's noted as Version, so I am believing it auto updates to the latest version.

<edit> I see what is happening...the overlay in "normal" for the picture viewer on yahoo...but the filter is eliminating everything, instead of just the ad.

Here is a similar picture gallery without adguard enabled. You can see the overlay but the picture section is now available (I used the browser built in adblocker which properly works for this site/pic gallery).

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* bump * I can't be the only one experiencing this issue, can I? It happens on 3 different laptops (all W7 Pro, 64 bit if that matters).... would love to get this 'fixed' so I don't have to use 2 adblockers.


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Hi Jeff!

Sorry for the delay.

Cannot reproduce this error. What filters do you use?

Or maybe I am doing something wrong. Could you please make a video of this bug?


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Odd, I tried reproducing and it seems ok now. I did just recently update the browser but I can't imagine it has anything to do with the browser as this was an ad issue! Maybe something found in one of the filter algorithms? But currently ok.