ProtonVPN alongside ADG for Android work


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It is any valid way for work ADG for Android alongside ProtonVPN? On Helpdesk I saw setup for NordVPN. I'm newbe in VPN setup stuff, so don't bite me ;)

Boo Berry

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By default AdGuard for Android uses a local VPN for filtering, unless you set it to use a local HTTP proxy (which works best if you've rooted your phone).

The problem is Android only allows for one VPN to be used at a time, so it's not possible to run AG for Android's local VPN with another VPN. There's a couple ways around this... 1) use the local HTTP proxy (again, works best if you're rooted) or 2) if the VPN provider provides a SOCKS5 proxy, you can use that instead within AG for Android or finally 3) you can use TOR within AG for Android.

More info here (make sure you pay mind to the limitations part of this, if you try this route):