ProtonVPN NetShield and AdGuard


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Hi Everyone,

In the most recent update to ProtonVPN for Windows (v1.18.2), Proton have now introduced NetShield. As the name suggests, this is able to block malware, ads and trackers. Is it OK to run this at the same time as AdGuard? As I'm a long-time user of ProtonMail and ProtonVPN but new to AdGuard, does this mean that AdGuard is now redundant on my devices? If so, should I be requesting an AdGuard refund? As you will appreciate, this has put me in an awkward position. Although this post is in the AdGuard for Windows section of the forum, my dilemma also extends to AdGuard for Android where I'm using ProtonVPN v2.6.4.2. This also includes NetShield.

All feedback welcome.


Boo Berry

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Typically it's not recommended to run multiple ad blockers at the same time. There *could* be incompatibilities.