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I've got about 5 days left on my trial and have been impressed with Adguard. I am thinking of purchasing the Lifetime option instead of the yearly. I have a question: when you purchase Lifetime what happens if in a couple of years you get a new computer. Is there a code or how would a person go about being able to transfer their Lifetime purchase over to the new computer? I just don't want to purchase the Lifetime option if there is going to be a hassle proving I have a new computer and not using Adguard on the old one as well.


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@Sharon hello and welcome to AdGuard forum!

When you purchase a license, it becomes attached to your personal account on adguard.com. You can reset it at any time, meaning unbind it from the current computer/phone/whatever and then activate it again on another.

No proof needed, you can do it yourself at any time when you feel like it.

Boo Berry

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When you purchase a license from the main Adguard website, you also sign up for an Adguard account that allows you to view and unbind activations of a license. Meaning if you get a new PC, you can log into the account on the main website and unbind the current activation on the old PC and just activate the key on the new PC.

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I'm new in the forum--bought Adguard a year ago, it was due to expire in 18 days from now. However, it quit working about 2 weeks ago, even though the symbol was still visible in the bottom/rt of screen. Now I bought the lifetime membership and I'm hoping that will reactivate the blocking of ads? I guess I'll have to let you know if it works.?