Q: Fake VPN in v2.0.2?


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I hope I am using the right terminology here, in Adguard Pro 2.0.2, does the fake vpn utilize a mitm certificate?

Is there any mitm certificate being utilized in the ios app like the desktop version of Adguard?



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@cloq hi! Not sure what you mean, as AdGuard for iOS doesn't install any certificates. Don't you confuse it with Mac version maybe?


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I was just trying to get a better understanding how the adguard pro vpn works/installs within the IOS environment.

To my (limited) understanding, generally speaking VPN's utilize certificates. Hence my question, does adguard PRO for IOS utilize a certificate (mitm or some other).

A mitm certificate would be somewhat concerning. Not keen on third third party apps decrypting encrypted data to scan/block adds. I would rather just be able to block domains.

Maybe I am overthinking things, but the current description of how the vpn is setup/function/works is pretty vague. Would be nice to have a little tech description to allay the minds of the more security conscious people.

It's great that Adguard Pro IOS app blocks ads/malware/trackers but would really suck if required the ability to see decrypted data to do so.

Maybe I am confusing things but that is why I am asking questions. :confused: