question about AdGuard and the severe drop in internet speed while using it.


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Hi there! i was gonna try out AdGuard for a while, see if its decent enough to allow me to keep using Edge after the whole V3 thing.

Adguard in itself is absolutely fantastic! it catches literally every ad-test i run on it. its really good!
However, i've noticed that with Adguard on, my internet speed loses just shy of 4-500Mb/s, both down and up.

I've done many tests, and these are the avg results after just shy of 15 tests on
OFF: 945Mb/s down, 989Mb/s up.
ON: 490Mb/s down, and 520Mb/s up.

I did tests with my browser, and the actual software they have.
i ran speedtests straight to my ISP, and it cuts it down there too.
As soon as i turn the program of, my internet speeds bounces back to full speed almost instantly.

So, i figured this has to be a setting thing, so i went in to see if the DNS was on in AdGuard, and its not.
Proxy is not on ( set to system )
HTTPS Filtering is on
WFP Network driver is on.

i was wondering, is this really normal behavior with this app running?
or maybe someone here has an idea to what it could be? i really do like the app! its fantastic, but the internet drop of speed with it on won't work for me at all. its like a.. bad vpn. without it being a vpn.


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Oh, so it is an actual thing! i gotchu man! well... that kinda sucks.
i wonder what makes it do that.. its super awkward.

oh well, at least i know it's a ''thing''


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First, there are a couple of factors that may slow your speed, and those few listed options are one of those.
We'd like to know if there are any changes with this base setup:

1) Please, in the Filters setting, set only 2 sets of filters to be active - language specific and AdGuard base one.​
2) Disable all the additional security modules, like anti-tracking and anti-phishing.​
3) Set your DNS server to AdGuard Base DNS.​
4) Turn off the AdGuard app completely and turn it on again.​
Then, at AdGuard>Settings>General>Advanced> Use redirect driver mode> check\uncheck this box and see if there are any results.

Additionally, make sure you're not running any AV,VPN,Firewall applications and e.t.c.

Let me know your results.


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You know, i was just about to reply to this thread and write: Solved.

i kept googling around, looked at reddit and some youtube videos, and it was 100% your step #1.
i turned of everything extra, and my speed became normal.
so i kept turning on 1 and 1 until i found what slowed me down, disabled that and my speed went back to normal.

i guess something on my pc may have reacted badly to that one filter maybe? i have no idea! haha
i get less download speed (100 Mb/s ish, but my upload speed is just as it used to be! and the UL speed is all i care about anyway)

Edit: i am so happy i worked this out, because i really do like this program. This whole manifest V3 thing is so annoying!