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Hi everyone,

Have couple of questions:

  1. If I set up adguard DNS on a router, it will block ads on all the devices on the router's network, but if i set it up on a device, it will only block ads on the auto clicker device, correct?
  2. What's the difference between setting up adguard DNS on an iPhone versus just using the adguard app for iOS?

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Hello there!

If you configure AdGuard DNS on a router, all devices connected to it will use that DNS.
If you set up DNS directly on a specific device, it will only work on that particular phone.
More information about AdGuard DNS can be found here.

The application includes much wider functionality:

- Ability to add filters that significantly increase the quality of blocking advertising.
- Whitelist/blacklist in the application;
- DNS log;
- Widget and tracking blocking;
- Surfing acceleration. AdGuard removes everything irrelevant from the web, and clear pages load much faster.