Question About Disabling Unused Filter Groups in Safari Settings


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Will disabling unused content blocking groups in the Safari Settings page negatively impact the AdGuard app's ability to block my other filters that are enabled in the app?

Would like to disable Security and Custom in the Safari Settings, but could also disable Other based on my enabled filters*. When disabled the app shows the message "Some content blockers are disabled"

*My Filters:
Ad Filters: AdGuard Base and Mobile Ads
Privacy: AdGuard Tracking, Easy Privacy, Fanboy's Enhanced, Fanboy's Anti-Facebook
Social: AdGuard Social
Annoyances: AdGuard Annoyances
User Filters Section: Enabled

Reason I'm wondering is because I have been experiencing the same issue that was mentioned by another user on the AdGuard for iOS github issues page.

My security as well as custom filters sections in the AdGuard app re-enable themselves every time I launch the app (if not still running in background). Did all the steps recommended on the issues page multiple times, including reinstalling the app.


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Hello there!
Just wait a bit. Literally, in the coming days, a big update for iOS should be released.
As far as I know, the algorithm for showing this notification will not change much.
But in general, you are free to choose which filters to use and which to not.