Radio channel ADS blocking


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Is posoble to remove those small "talking ads" when you tune in a new radio channel? For examble is this one from Adguard log:
remote address: 193.247.117:443
Demand URL

The above are is just one of a small audio advertisements that interrupt the radio program
But can I somehow block these ads and still have functional internet radio?
I have a rooted Samsung tab S with Android of course
Hope someone can help, I will be very grateful :)

NB: I'm totally happy to use Adguard, the best program/app EVER
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Hi, if you have not found a solution yet, I would repost in the tech support area, add as much info as possible, such as what app you are using. I think what you posted here was the ad, and what you are looking for is an outgoing request just before the ad, that is likely what you need to block. You may not be able to block it, as it is likely to be the same type of request as for an audio song file, or audio podcast file, and coming from the same address or server.