Ran into a couple minor issues with my upgraded Pro v4.0.1 app in my iPhone 6+.


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Great update even though I ran into minor issues after upgrading the Pro app in my old iPhone 6+'s iOS v12.4.7 this morning PDT.

1. Disabling the app's protections gave me an "IPC failed". I couldn't reproduce it again after reenabling and redisabling again. I do remember older versions having similar results (don't remember this exact error though).

2. I resetted my statistics and logs to start clean in this new major version. However, I noticed its All Time statistics show 06.20 date, but it is currently 06.17.

for my uploaded screen (shot/capture)s. Did anyone else see these too?

I am sure I will find more issues as I use this new version as the time goes on. :p Thank you for reading and hopefully answering and fixing soon. :)