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I was just wondering with an installed Adguard for Windows version if it is possible to open AG Assistant
and Block Element or two and submit that rule information that was added to the User Filter in the installed version.
Right here in the Missed Ads section and it be of any useful information to you and used to block the ad (s)?
Yes I reported this site once before and all was OK for some days but ads are back in same locations as before maybe different subjects in the ads though but same locations on the page.

(two ads combined in assistant when used with option to block another element - it was added to user filter like this)[id="owwotm_ila_qnzium_/23219321/iac.dict.dictry.dw/dic/short-serp_0_y_0"]
(first ad location - single ad user filter rule - it was added to user filter like this)[id="owwotm_ila_qnzium_/23219321/iac.dict.dictry.dw/dic/short-serp_0_y_1"]
(second ad location - single ad user filter rule - it was added to user filter like this)[id="owwotm_ila_qnzium_/23219321/iac.dict.dictry.dw/dic/short-serp_0_y/sticky_0"]
(third ad location - single ad user filter rule - it was added to user filter like this)

The above was added to my user filter by the Adguard Assistant Extension Module.
Then to just copy it was of no use, as it didn't get copied-but showed last thing I had copied to my clipboard (non-relevant to Adguard filter rule or this post).
But to export this rule as a txt file "adguard_user_filter.txt" via the gear symbol menu - I was able to copy it and paste it here.
I did this three separate times and deleted the user rule in Adguard filters as well as the adguard_user_filter.txt file in it's stored exported location on my PC each time after coping it and pasting it here. The EX: above is two ads combined - then the next three separate ads are on the page at

IS This Helpful Information to Block Missed Ads? Instead of doing inspect element thingy?

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Usually, if there is a missed ad, it is more useful to report the ad in a way it is described in 'Missed Ads' subforum rules. No need to quote any rules created by manual element blocker.