RE New release version notes

Mark Greene 86

New Member
I wish to make a complaint, while I updated my AdGuard to version 7.3 it displayed the following message “We hate to break it to you, but Santa is not real. The good thing is, we don’t need Santa to give each other presents for Christmas! So here’s our humble gift: AdGuard v7.3 for Windows. We hope you’ll like it, because we put a lot of effort into its development…………”
I would like to draw your attention the bit in bold, because my seven-year-old niece was with me when I updated this latest version and it upset her. I had to reassure her it was a mistake, and their idea of a funny joke, to which I am not amused! as she got very distressed, she is learning to read this is totally unacceptable as it almost ruined our Christmas, and yet it is it is still present in history of updates, I will be sharing my utter disgust via social media!!


Staff member
@Mark Greene 86 Our apologies, we changed the release notes and removed the controversial part. We'll also try to avoid such in the future. Hope to find your understanding.