redirect a blocked page


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Not so easy, a lot of engineering and money to accomplish it.
See (You are not alone).
But basically you will need to respond with your local/public managed "blackhole" web server IP.
(1) AdGuard > DNS Settings > DNS Server Configuration > Response > Custom IP.
Blackhole means that it must be configure to serve any domain and any on them URL.
(2) It has to have a root certificate valid that you can install on the browsers (or will break with https), for example:
This will work for main pages, but not for embedded links (e.g. ads, chicken-egg) or other files like .css, .js, .gif, etc.

Example of (1) working:

Screenshot 2022-11-11 001540.png

Example of (2) with the expected result:

Screenshot 2022-11-11 000613.png