REDUNDANCY - Is It Good / Is It NOT Good

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  1. Gass

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    Jan 30, 2015
    REDUNDANCY ....................
    a. - What should someone also consider when another Addon Program is installed in a system & has a similar,
    same or even that of a couple of these addon programs having a same-similar functions as settings in Adguard.

    I personally don't think redundancy is particularly beneficial to your systems real estate, I mean multiple applications and programs essentially competing for system resources to do more or less these same functions. As a systems whole this hast to be detrimental to it's performance.
    [EX: PopUp Blocker, Cookie Remover, Proxy, User-Agent Changer, Do Not Track, Block WebRTC, Web Of Trust, Parental Control, eTags Removal, Block Geolocation, Third-Parties Referrer, ETC...]

    Many Internet Security Suites, and among other different system programs/application try to serve themselves up to a user as an ALL IN ONE - DO IT ALL utility type purpose substance.

    Who's to know about a software's multiple abilities it lists, that it does all them or only some of them quite efficiently when executed, especially when a same kind of task is preformed repeatedly in multiple instances of different software programs all on the same system?
    ((Take system cleaners if one software is to do a proper and complete job why does running it again or even that of another system cleaner find anything more in back to back runs, just the fact something more was found - speaks volumes to me.))
    I'm remembered the old saying "Jack of all trades, master of none".
    Is this Good For The Users System - have any addition benefits been gained -or- just it's needless excessive redundancy...

    I think it's safe to say when you have Adguard for Windows installed (your covered), then go ahead and uninstall the multitudes of REDUNDANCY or disable such same overlapping features found in an Internet Security Suite and in that of your other software applications that you may wish to keep installed. Allowing Adguard to serve the purpose in these areas.
    I'm talking about of all the overlapping REDUNDANCY in same functions found your of your installed software to your system that Adguard has covered already - your system will first be covered by a program made specifically to address these areas from your browsing experiences on a network level and second your system should smile at you for doing it the favor.

    b. - With that of a separate consideration being given now of a Browser having additional addon extensions
    adding coverage of the same-similar settings and functions as what's found/offered in Adguard.
    [Browsers impose limitations on its extensions - Adguard works on a network level and is not subject to all these limitations].

    So what do you think after trying Adguard? Do you find it lacking in it's ability to where you still need all the rest loaded up in
    your system. Or have you broke free from the REDUNDANCY.
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  2. aegis

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    Feb 25, 2016
    Personally, I use only Adguard on all my machines. And occasionally some VPN tools when I need it. But antiviruses and stuff are no-noes :) Because the only thing you really need is blocking ads, you know.
  3. Gass

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    Jan 30, 2015
    Hey aegis thanks for your thoughts,

    Same here, Adguard wins out head and shoulders above the rest - why would anyone want less...
    I use VPN's as well, they do serve their purpose for privacy and liberty but, not so much in anonymity except for IP tracking, exploring the web without borders and of the data trails associated with your IP address of visits.

    First, I as you are not saying to get rid of you antiviruses/antimalware or that of a full blown Internet Security Suite - ok clear on this everybody? It's just many of them and other different system programs/application try to serve themselves up to a user as an ALL IN ONE - DO IT ALL utility type umbrella fix for a user. Which is not good for them to attempt to do with Adguard installed.

    Take Adguard with the research, patches, and community behind it - it stays true to it's focus and purpose of what it is meant to do.
    I can safely say Adguard won't check my windows registry for errors, securely over-write my windows drive free space, or check my system drivers for needed updates. No but, many programs try to do some of what Adguard has down pat as it's specialty. Why even let them try when Adguard is far superior!