Regarding ADGUARD VPN for Windows (Standalone installer) DNS Leaking


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Dear Adguard!
I am using ADGUARD VPN for Android and I have done the dns settings into it to route m all queries through Adguard DNS.
But today morning when I have installed windows pc app for Adguard vpn then I have noticed that it is leaking m DNS. Websites I am visiting they are able to see m internet provider and my country.
So, I would like to draw our attention towards it and please do something or add the option in windows pc app itself to choose these dns filers. I know the ADGUARD Chrome extension has that option to choose DNS provider but I would like to tunnel m full traffic (outside of the browser also).

So, Kindly do something regarding it.

Quality comments are invited.

Boo Berry

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For faster responses you might try contacting the email directly or posting on the Github issues tracker, as that's where the developers are most active these days.