Release of AdGuard 5.8


Staff member
Hello Adguard users!

It is our pleasure to officially announce Adguard 5.8 release. This version contains not many changes unlike previous release.
However it is very important for Adguard development. We are sharpening our filtration methods preparing it for using in new modules in the next versions.

What’s new in this release:

Adguard 5.8 provides the following new features

+ Improved initial setup wizard
+ Added “useful ads” filter

What has been improved or fixed in version 5.8

* Protection level setting is removed
* Fixed some minor compatibility issues
* Improved filtered pages source code readability

Adguard Team.


Beta Tester
excellent release! just wanted to confirm does this release officially support Windows 8.1?


Beta Tester
ok thanks for that, will install it on Windows 8.1 then.

The changelog did not mention anything about 8.1 support so thats why I was not sure.