Request: EXIM for User Filters & White List


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Hi guys,
#1. It made AdGuard extremely convenient to share the user filter, when you finally added export / import (EXIM) as per my request. However someone did not read the full request. It requested both White List and User Filter.

Please add EXPORT and IMPORT (EXIM) to White List.

#2. Please also add the correct data as a prefix to the file name, not random crap like: _918273645091827364.txt
Instead: _20190913.101540.txt

Why? Quickly see which is the latest version, as many files managers on Android change time stamp on file move.
Plus it can be easily sorted by name to determine the newest, not relying on time stamp (eg. emailed, saved attachments, etc).



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Hello there!
1) I added an issue on GitHub, if the developers like the idea, they will definitely add this feature in the future.
2) The version and date/month are specified in the data export.