Request: Remove all Pinterest Results from Google


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Hi Everyone,
Pinterest is like tumor growing on Google and you can't do a proper search without it crapping up your search results.

I came across the below for ublock origin which removes and hides both any Pinterest results in a Google Search as well any images on the images tab for Pinterest. Can this be translated to adguard (Android)?

The first one removes all of Pinterest links in all languages from all Google and all Pinterest languages (*.com , *.de , etc..) search results.
While the second does the same but for images search results.

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yes, i'am interesting for this filter apply to ADG

thank you

( very good work on ublock origin )

Boo Berry

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Don't they already work in AdGuard? I mean, AdGuard has Scriptlets support, including uBO's extended syntax. But your results may vary in the mobile version of Google Search in a web browser (and it won't work in the Google app as far as I know).