Request: share settings across multiple PC's


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I use Adguard across 5 PC's and I would love to be able to share settings. I know I can import/export, but it's a pain to do that every time I want to share a blocked element or filter. I have some tablets where it's VERY difficult to block elements without a mouse, it would be nice if all my PC's simply auto updated every time I blocked one. I'm wondering if maybe I move the filter folder to a cloud drive, and pointed all the PCs to it? Would that work?

Also I'd suggest to not have the editor pop up every time I block a webpage element, it's a bit annoying and especially on a touchscreen hitting the x ends up opening the editor.
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Boo Berry

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This could be something that could and may likely will be done in the upcoming Adguard Sync feature.
This should be possible between Mac and Windows and vice versa. This means you should bring the same level of functionality to both platforms.

And don't forget this point: what if somebody has bought a license for the entire family, but settings for person 1 should only be synced on their PCs and settings for person 2 only on their PCs. Maybe you should be able to create sub accounts and then put licenses on them, e.g. I bought a license for 5 PCs. I use 3 licenses for my computers, invite my girlfriend and she's able to use another license from my pool. F-Secure has such a system for their F-Secure SAFE product, maybe take a look into this.


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@Serge Rosenthaler
And it will be. Initially, I believe whichever settings are not similar for different platforms, will be just ignored upon importing them.

How we are going to implement it is to allow syncing either via Adguard account or cloud services like dropbox, google drive etc. The whole project is in the early phase yet, so it is hard to predict what it will shape into in the end.

We have a task on GitHub where everything about cloud sync is consolidated:

If you are interested, you can track the progress there or even leave your suggestions in comments.