Request: Storage.

To: Whom it may concern,

I would like to request a [Storage Feature] as in cloud storage.

I am a lifetime License holder but would like to support Adguard further with features that I would pay for over other services.

I have extra storage for photos that mean a lot to me on Google/Alphabet that I would like to stop for and would rather give you the $2 a month.

Please look into this, as I also have IPVanish, that does give 250 GB free with their service as well.

I would greatly appreciate this service.

Thank you for your time.

Ad Slayer

New Member
I agree. Many of us have free web space on cloud servers or even on own file servers (SFTP). It would be convenient to have an area in the AdGuard settings where we could add the credentials of a remote server such as Google Drive, AWS, Yandex Disk, a personal SFTP server, etc... To save personal AdGuard data (own filters and rules, preferences, etc...) and keep it in sync across all own devices (PC, phone, tablet, etc...). Thank you for the great work.