[Resolved] 247techies.com

Zen Carter

New Member
This is a known fraudulent tech support website, where the agents are enagaged in obtaining personal data about the victim, such as their passwords and 2 step verification codes (generally when a customer calls about being locked out of their Outlook account). This is actually against Microsoft's Partnership Terms & Conditions, since the company is in partnership with Microsoft.

Furthermore, an investigation was conducted where someone had posed as a customer, asking 247 techies with fixing a real existant problem involving a slow computer and corrupted hard drive. 24/7 Techies insited it was a software related problem and wanted them to pay the full amount for the service, and never once aknowledged that there was any hardware issue present, even though running any simple software had shown that the sectors on the hard drive were bad, and the system altogether was just not in stable performance.

In another instance, I personally called 24/7 Techies regarding a Windows Update issue I was having, where the updates were giving a strange error code that I couldn't even pull up any Google results. I called Microsoft first, where they indicated this was an issue on their end due to an engineering problem and even had an estimated time of 2 weeks to fix, while 247 techies said they knew what the issue was; however, refused to tell me their diagnostic (which their website claims is free), until I paid a service fee first. I pointed 24/7 techies to an article that was indeed posted by a news crew in the states regarding customers not being able to update Windows properly, and asked if that was a possibility. They swore that 100% that was not the issue.

These are the 3 incidents that I know about, and who knows what other excuses they have used on other victims that I don't know about.