[Resolved] Adblock detection mycanal.fr


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If I try to watch a video from mycanal.fr, it's doesn't work and I have a message that tells me to deactivate Adguard.

In attachments, an example from https://www.mycanal.fr/divertissement/tpmp-darka/h/12263529_50013

AdGuard Annoyances filterUp to date
AdGuard French filterUp to date
AdGuard Russian filterUp to date
AdGuard Base filter2.0.74.46
AdGuard German filterUp to date
AdGuard Dutch filterUp to date
EasyList Czech and SlovakUp to date
EasyList ItalyUp to date
Liste ARUp to date
Icelandic ABP ListUp to date
Dandelion Sprout's Nordic FiltersUp to date
AdGuard Popup BlockerUp to date
AdGuard AssistantUp to date
Web of TrustUp to date
AdGuard ExtraUp to date