[Resolved] AdChoices (AdSense) not being blocked

Brian H Cohen

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I recently installed the beta AdGuard Android app on a Galaxy S8+ running Android 9. I have enabled HTTPS filtering and it seems to generally be doing a good job, but it doesn't appear to be blocking ads from the AdChoices/Google AdSense network in my Chrome for Android browser. Here is a URL that uses those ads as an example: https://articles2.marketrealist.com/2019/08/sjm-missed-q1-estimates-wide-margin-lowered-guidance/

You can click through to any article on that site, and the AdChoices ads appear. Interestingly, the AdChoices ads are also present when I view that site in the Chrome for Windows 10 browser on my PC, where I am using the AdGuard Chrome extension. However, if I enable the uBlock Origin extension in that browser the ads are fully blocked.

So I'm not sure if this is a filter, settings, or other issue. Any assistance would be appreciated.



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Fixed, update available in about 3 hours.
They use an own proxy to load the ads and therefore generic rules did not triggered.


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Could you please check this rule: