[Resolved] Adguard Assistant and Outlook FindTime


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today I found an issue related to Adguard Assistant and the Outlook FindTime plugin. When enabled , you will receive an error message (sorry that it is in German, but it does not have much details anyway):


Simply disabling Adguard Assistant fixes it but this is not a sensible solution. I think there should be an exception in adguard assitant for this.
The filter rules themselfs are not related as far as I can tell.

Here is the official website (Freeware): https://findtime.microsoft.com/

Here are some details about the used setup:
- Microsoft Outlook for Office 365 MSO (16.0.111328.20468) 64-Bit
- Windows 10 Pro (1903) Build 18362.476
- Adguard Version 7.2.2990 RELEASE (CL 1.4.167)
- Adguard Assistant 4.3.18

I hope this can be fixed.

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unfortunately can't reproduce at my end. could you please check if there are any blocked requests related to this plugin? you may try to unblock them one-by-one

or it would be fine for you to provide remote access?


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About the blocked request: This was the first thing I checked. I unblocked all that where shown in the filter protocol but without any success.
I then found out by trial and error that disabling the assistant fixed the issue. Then I deleted my custom rules to see if they are also related but there was no difference in behavior: Assistant enabled = Error, Assistant disabled = Working plugin.
I did not see any blocks related to the Adguard Assistant.

Remote access is possible but I would have to supervise it as this is on a company laptop with confidential information.