[Resolved] AdGuard blocking embedded videos on new Twitter


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Window 10, Chrome, AdGuard Extension

Twitter.com just switched over to its new format for me.
Since then, AdGuard is blocking embedded videos in the Twitter stream.

If I disable AdGuard on Twitter.com, the videos appear.


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Working fine for me in news feed, tried different videos. Also when opening manually:


What's your filters? Please post a screenshot, so we can see if the player shows up and not just playing or if the player is missing completely.
Base Filter
Tracking Protection Filter
Annoyances Filter
Filter unblocking search ads and self-promotion
Various Language Filters (IDK why)

With AdGuard enabled again for twitter.com, I'm not seeing the same issue now. Perhaps they updated something in the filters.
Previously I was seeing a very light grey box where the video should have appeared. It has some kind of graphic symbol on it. Clicking it did not make the video play. When I turned AdGuard off, the videos appeared as normal.

I will post screenshots if I see it again. Thanks.