[Resolved]AdGuard causing lags/stutter in CS:GO + AdGuard blocks connection sometimes

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I have 2 serious problems that I get several times per day.

1. When AdGuard is on I get lags/stuttering in CS:GO, when I turn it off in task manager my game is smoothly.

2. When I search on the internet AdGuard is blocking connection for the websites. The websites just keeps loading. I then turn off AdGuard in the taskbar and turn it back on again and everything is back to normal. This happens every time I start my pc.

- I'm using KIS 20
- AdGuard with custom filters
- Stealth Mode enabled with all most everything enabled except 'Miscellaneous'
- Browsing Security + Parental Control are disabled
- Network --> Traffic filtering --> enabled
- Filter HTTPS protocol enabled
- Advanced Settings --> first 6 settings enabled, last 4 disabled, CS:GO in excluded app

I had the same problems with the previous version.


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Hello there!

For first you should try to switch-on FilterLocalhost feature in Advanced settings. (General > Advanced).
Make AdGuard and KIS exceptions to each other.
Also, you can disable the WFP driver (reboot required).


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AdGuard didn't forced the problems. It was the game itself. Sorry for the trouble.
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