[Resolved]Adguard does not filter ads in the Via Browser

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Although other browsers such as (Chrome, Firefox) all work normally, when I switched to using "Via Browser", Adguard did not filter ads in this browser ...

I have attached the log file that I exported from Adguard.

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Hello @AnonyLove!

Most likely, the browser does not trust user certificates. In this case, we cannot interfere with filtering and block ads and trackers.
You can open AdGuard settings > Apps management > enable HTTPS filtering for Via Browser.
But not the fact that it will work.

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Also if Via Browser uses any sort of data compression feature by default, AG for Android can't filter that either. Only web browser with data compression that AG for Android can filter is Google Chrome.

So you might see if there's a data compression feature enabled somewhere (and you can disable it). If it does indeed uses data compression and there's no way to disable it, AG for Android likely won't be able to filter it at all.
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