[Resolved]Adguard Pro - number of DNS filters

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I'm a fan of Energized DNS / hosts file filters (https://energized.pro/) and use them on all my devices.

With Adguard Pro, I find that I can use the Energized Spark (40k domains) together with Adguard SDN (30k domains) but the app seems to choke with Energized Blu GO or anything above that (100k domains), even with SDN disabled.

I have an iPhone XS, so I'm sure it's not a lack of processing power, so maybe a bug or limitation in the app? Note that Spark + SDN are around 70k domains and it runs fast, so why would it choke with only 30k domains more?

By "choking" I mean that the VPN connection seems to drop and restart in an endless loop until I delete the filter. In the iOS Settings the VPN button keeps saying "VPN connecting..." over and over.

BTW, you guy's are doing God's work, love the app. Only found it now and I have iOS 13.5.1 but happy that Apple hasn't killed the DNS filtering functionality yet.
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