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I'm trying to block content on a website on mobile. I have on my desktop Adblock filters in place which work but on adguard for mobile I can't seem to get them to work even after reading how to create the custom filters.

Website: http://www.preloved.co.uk

Adblock filters:
I would like to completely remove the elements from the page, however the elements are only displayed on mobile and not tablet/desktop.

I hope this is of help and thank you in advance.


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I have managed to create successful filters, just had to make minor adjustments. :)

The first filter removes the adverts placed in the search results and the second filter removes the ad at the bottom.


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Thank you for the reply.

It is within the adverts page after making a search which requires an account but I managed to create a successful filter outlined in my previous reply.

Many thanks


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The rules are invalid.
|| are unnecessary in element hiding rules.


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They worked for me. I'm not entirely sure what the "||" represents but I'm happy that they work. Adguard filter doesn't specify whether the filter is invalid/valid so I just typed it in and tested, it worked.