[resolved] British Telecom site broken


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UPDATE: Occasionally I can get the home page buttons to work but the email sign-in page does not. Disabling the spyware and tracking filter solves the problem. I will stop using that filter for the time being (sadly) - at least until there is the ability for the user to control what is being blocked as issues like this are extremely frustrating and take too much time to resolve. I need a usable Internet!


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Open adguard goto Settings uncheck activate most appropriate filters automatically then disable russian filter and spyware filter for now, im sure avatar will sort it out, iv tried and hitting a brick wall.

This seemed to fix the menu bar, couldnt check emails i refreshed the page 3/4 times without issues thoguh.

edit: Please enter your email address. < gues email is working now.
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Added to spyware filter:
Please check it.