[RESOLVED]CSS editing with AG


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First off, I'm not sure if AG can do what I want it to do. I've tried editing the userChrome.css file in Firefox, but that isn't working for me either so I would appreciate a little help please.

I'm trying to get AG to modify a little bit of CSS on a forum I use. When attempting to create a new forum thread, only the top half of the text in the thread title is visible which makes it difficult to see if I've typed what I wanted to. The body of the thread is unaffected, it's just the threat title which is affected. The problem doesn't happen on IE and I've tried running FF in safe mode, but it still persists.

I used FF's inspect element feature to locate the code which is responsible for the height of the box and when I edit in the inspector, I can get the thread title to display properly, but after refreshing the page, the server side script takes over and the problem is still there.


I thought I might be able to create a rule in AG to see if that could fix it.

Here's the original code from the style editor:
.formcontrols input.textbox {

When I change it to the following, it works:
.formcontrols input.textbox {

I've tried creating the following filter rule:
*domain of website*#$#.formcontrols input.textbox { height:40px; *height:12px }

But it doesn't make any difference. I've also tried without the * wildcard in the domain address.

I'm not sure if AG can do what it is I'm trying to do, if not, could someone advise on what I would need to add to the userChrome.css file in the FF profile folder please? Please bear in mind that I'm very much entry level when it comes to this stuff.

Thanks for any help :)


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Domain.com#$#.formcontrols input.textbox { height:40px!important; }