[Resolved] downloadtwittervideo.com


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Downloadtwittervideo dot com

Background story:
I love to download Twitter videos with the website, and those ads were recently added, and they showed up even though AdGuard was enabled.

Ad behavior:
After entering the website, after a few seconds some 'new messages!' alert pop-ups will appear on the top right corner.

Technical stuff:
I believe this is a Javascript-enabled ad, disabling Javascript on the website also disables the ads... but unfortunately the website can no longer be used to download videos.

Javascript code:
If you view the page's source, at the very bottom there is a huge chunk of script code. It also refers to inpagepush.com/400/3043749

Thank you for your work on AdGuard, I switched over from AdBlockPlus and never looked back. Hope you get this annoyance fixed asap.

(Yandex browser, Windows 10 64-bit, All default filters applied including EasyList.)


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Sorry for the late reply, here is the screenshot.

AdGuard is enabled and running in the background, the number of blocked elements increased a lot as shown on the AdGuard icon. But the popup ads are still displayed.