[Resolved]Expired License Error after migrating to a new machine

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I have just migrated to a new machine.
I deactivated AdGuard from the previous machine and installed e activated it in the new one.
After any reboot, AdGuard shows up with an Licensing error message: "Your license has expired".
If I try add the key again, nothing happens, and the error keep showing.
The only way I can get this problem solved for a while is accessing the web control panel and removing my computer from activated devices.
After doing that, I am able to activate AdGuard again, but after some random time or a reboot, AdGuard shows the error message again.

It's frustrating because I paid for Lifetime License for 1 PC + 1 Mobile and I keep facing this problem.

My Helpdesk ID is: 2307889.

I hope somebody here can help me solve this problem asap.

Thanks a lot,
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After getting in contact with support, they reset my license.
After that I had to uninstall completely the program and remove all the settings.
I had to reboot, install again and reactivate the program with my license.
So now the program keeps the license without any issue.


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I am glad to hear that you managed to solve the problem together with our support team! :)
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