[Resolved] Extra tabs opening on Avaxhome


Some of the problems with Avaxhome that I reported a month ago ( http://forum.adguard.com/showthread.php?9540-Resolved-avaxhome-is-a-mess&highlight=avaxhome ) are back. Extra tabs with malicious sites open when clicking links or sometimes even just clicking empty space on an Avaxhome page. Sometimes these extra tabs open but are then blocked by the browsing security module but others are not blocked. This may be difficult to troubleshoot, since not all links trigger extra tabs. But the "details" links to individual items, the "next" links at the bottom of pages and the actual download links frequently open extra tabs.
I have saved a few url's of those extra tabs. Don't want to post them publicly here, since they are likely malicious. Let me know if you think these would be helpful and I'll pm them.

Sample link: http://avxhome.se/music/RobinTrowerWhereYouAreGoingTo2016.html (An exta tab to "millionaires-dreams" opened for me here.)
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