[resolved] Flipboard App - Chrome bookmarklet doesn't work.


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Flipboard App, allows us to "flip" webpages that get added into our app to read on our phones. In order to do this, we need to download the Bookmarklet from the Chrome App store and this creates an icon next to the address bar which we click to flip any webpage. When the button is pressed, a popup appears and it takes the heading, images of the website and if everything looks okay, we click OK and it gets added to our app (iOS/Android) and then the popup automatically closes.

Ever since installing Adguard from the the Chrome store, it breaks the formatting of the popup thus preventing us from flipping any webpage into our app. I know Adguard was causing this because as long as it was running, there were issues - When i removed AdGuard - the pages would flip correctly.

Also on a side note - is there a way to temporarily disable Adguard? I wish one of the options when we right click the icon would be to "disable Adguard" or something. Would make things a lot easy. I didn't want to remove the whole app just to check if it was the one screwing up the Flipboard popup, but I couldn't find a way to temporarily disable it.

Hope this problem can be fixed, thanks!


Flipboard Chrome bookmarklet:


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Hello and thank you for reporting it!

The problem is now fixed, we've whitelisted bookmarlet popup page:
Please let us know if something wrong, we'll fix it asap.