[Resolved] I get stuck in rarbg threat defence page


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since some weeks I'm unable to pass the threat defense page of some websites like https://rarbg.to/torrents.php and this happens only with Chrome (the only browser which I use with Adguard protection, so I'm pretty sure it's some filter thing).

My active filter lists are:
• English filter
• Mobile filter
• Peter Lowe's list
• Spyware filter
• EasyPrivacy
• Fanboy's Enhanced Tracking List
• Fanboy Anti-Facebook List
• Social networks widget list
• Fanboy's Social Blocking List
• Annoyances
• Fanboy's Annoyances
• AdBlock Warning Removal List
• I don't care about cookies
• Malware Domains
• Spam404
• NoCoin
• Adguard DSN Filter
• EasyList Italy
• Xfiles

(some filter names are translated from Italian)

Any idea of what I should do to go through that kind of page?
Can I get rid of some of my filters without losing any protection/adblocking effectiveness?



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Turned out it was a JavaScript issue (for some reason I had it disabled). Adguard or filter lists were not involved. How do I close the thread?


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You dont need to use both fanboy social and fanboy annoyances fanboy annoyances includes fanboy social