[Resolved]I know what it is happenning with the ad that you can not see and I can see


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you always and I sometimes don't see the ad, but I sometimes see the ad...
I discovered what is happening if my PC is identify like russian PC the ad is not shown, but if I identify like Argentinian PC I see the ad.
yandex can or not can resize the pics if you want. resize pics is using turbo mode like opera does it too. I use yandex browser in turbo mode sometimes and sometimes not, in this mode turbo every pic goes to russian server first and then goes to my PC in Argentine, if not every pic goes to Argentine without pass by russian server first.
so if I see pics with turbo mode the ad is not shown, but if I see pic without turbo mode I see the ad.
see: without turbo mode: argentinian identification
with turbo mode: Russian identification

site: http://www.poringa.net/posts/relatos/2789188/El-castigo-a-La-hija-de-Laura.html

not spanish PC= not see the ad.
spanish PC= see the ad.

You should use the program TEam ViewerQT again to see my screen (I will send the ID and pasword) and you will see the banner without using turbo mode, without russian by pass.
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Ah, so I guess we should simply use a spanish VPN to see that ad.

I've alerted Alex302 about it, thank you!


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you can see my screen via team viewer, Alex saw my scree months ago using team viewer
Sorry for delay.
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