[Resolved] Issues with logging on and off NAB Internet Banking - https://www.nab.com.au


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Issues with logging on and off NAB Internet Banking

Comment: I could not log into NAB Internet Banking. It kept saying that my session had expired, even though I have not signed on for about a few days. I got around this by removing the default IP address ( shown in Stealth -> Hide your IP address option. (Why is this IP address automatically put in anyway?)
Also, when I click on the "logoff" button on the banking site, it displays the dialog as usual that you're about to log off. Click on OK and you should log off. However, nothing happens, and the page does not log off at all. Even the stealth mode changes above didn't help. I had to use the "Do not block for 30 seconds" option to log off the page.
Website: https://www.nab.com.au/personal/banking/nab-internet-banking


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It does work now....however.....

I see you guys have added the following code:
What does it do exactly?

I ask because it seems that Adguard is no longer filtering the Internet Banking site, as the Block Element icon no longer shows when logged onto the banking site.


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So will the issue be fixed properly or will that just be the fix going forward?
This is a common practice - to exclude known and trusted bank websites from filtering. There are no ads on the website and no security problems, so we see no downside here.