[Resolved] itv.com [Windows]


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That's too difficult for me.I am just an average user. If your blocking doesn't work I would have thought you wanted to know about it.
It is not difficult. Just try and you will forget about the forum:)


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ITV now has a premium service whereby they charge £3.99 a month for an advert free experience so I dare say they are going to try and maintain adverts vigorously from now on as they won't want to loose this revenue stream.


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I tried the ITV Hub (popular in the UK) but still saw TV ads before the programme started. Here is an example URL:


I am using Adguard AdBlocker extension on Firefox (Windows desktop) with English filter, Spyware filter, Social media filter and Annoyances filter.

It is difficult to block the ads without triggering the anti-adblock.